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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sex On Fire

Kings of Leon, Sex On Fire video with a twist!

Listen for The Police - Message In A Bottle - mixed in to this cover song.

A James Olmos Music Video  

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breath On Me

Please listen to my newest song addition for my "Take One Project".  These recordings are works-in-progress (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.  I'll choose 12 songs from this "Take One Project" and properly record them for my upcoming album.

New Artwork Collaboration

I'm collaborating with Google Plus Artists and featuring their photos and artwork as the thumbnail picture for my songs.  Each song in the "Take One Project" will feature different artwork from photographers and artists across the globe!

The seventh artist is Willi Bambach.  Bambach is a “sui generis” artist who works with many mediums.  He says, "Inside the shapes we catch a glimpse of hints of intangible worlds, reachable only by abandoning all the usual patterns of thinking."  Please click here to view Bambach's portfolio.

I also collaborated musically with a brilliant guitarist +Mike Majesty.  Mike and his band is also responsible for all additional instruments played on this track, aside from my vocals and acoustic guitar.

For collaborative details please click Willi Bambach's photo

Willi Bambach's work is the thumbnail art for

'Breath On Me'

This song is about the "walls" we build around ourselves to shelter our pains.

She moves me on the water
She takes me cross the sea
Like the thunder in the heavens
She brings me to my knees

She hides me in the shadow
She bleeds in me her pain
With the tears that fall from her eyes
I bathe in her new rain

Chorus 1
Breathe on me your fire
Breathe on me your light
And these walls that kiss the heavens
Will keep us safe tonight

Chorus 2
In this tomb of isolation
No tears to wash me clean
Cause the higher this wall rises
The less I feel the pain

She calms me with a whisper
She moves me with her eyes
Like the midnight sweat from a broken dream
She comes from deep inside

She traps me in the mountains
She keeps me far from love
This journey that was meant for me
Was stolen from above

And I will honor your love
Cause our walls are the same
Our eyes they search for sunlight
As we look out past the pain - the pain

Words & Music by +James Olmos & +Mike Majesty
Artwork by +Willi Bambach

Previous Artists: +Astrid MJ. Houchin +Michael Bastia +Sherrie von Sternberg +Billy Wilson +Paulissa Kipp +Suzen JueL
Want More Music!
60+ songs are available for listening on my website!  More artists and photographers are welcome to support this project!  All current songs and future songs require artwork.
You can always contact me via my website or Google Plus and view the collection of collaborative works here.