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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Discover The Portrait

It was cold and my fingers were numb.  Though, the sunlight was beautiful.

I traced the light with my lens.

I heard the fall leaves crackle under my feet as I walked across the faded green lawn.  I would pause and let the sun kiss my face.

The American flag clapped and whirled as it hung proudly on the side of a darkly aged brown barn.  Remember.

I’m still in the beginnings of tracing light, molding and shaping shadows.  Though something in me is reflecting outward.  It causes pause.

The portrait is always a portrait.  I don’t create it.  The image has spoken and continues to speak, with or without me.

My eye does not see, it discovers.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Portrait Shows Truth

Some things are not always what they seem.  Yet change is a direction worth understanding and light does not lie.

I came here to find an outlet and I discovered a reason.  No reason should be left uncovered because it can lead to deeper truth.

It dawned on me that I needed to shift to the left, but I didn’t understand the reason.  So I remained where I stood.  Who knew.

Reaching for knowledge isn’t like reaching for flower.  Or is it?  When’s the last time you went hunting for knowledge after being startled awake from your dream?

A poem does not press well in a book.  It needs breath.  A tongue shall release knowledge like a poem.  And a portrait will eventually show truth.

As my lens traces light . . . knowledge will become known.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Her Portrait Stands

Hard work takes you to the moment you’ve been dreaming about.  Seek every opportunity, without hesitation and release any anchors.

She had purpose and her focus was set on her intentions.  The only thing she abandoned was her fear.

The day was over but the sun was still hot.  The smell of the dirt, as it settled to the ground, was familiar and soft.

She knew she was loved.

She knew she loved.

It wasn’t a physical strength that empowered her, it was the passion in her heart.

You can be captivated or you can capture.  Chin high, leading with your gut.

The portrait stands.  It’s forever.  Because I traced the light with my lens.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Brutal Truth

truth noun ˈtrüth

Something which would probably upset a great many of people if it were known and made public . . . Truth.

Urban Dictionary ~

How would you define truth?  Brutal honesty:  You look fat in those jeans!

I’ve been processing the value of brutal honesty for awhile.  As a songwriter I always craved brutal honesty and I never found myself feeling offended by someone’s opinion.  I’d rather receive critical feedback over sympathetic lies. But that’s me.

People will ask my opinion about their looks or ideas, songs, blogs, photos or poems . . . and my typical reply is, “Do you want me to answer or answer honestly?”  Most respond with, “Just answer.”

My question is this:

Would more harm or good come from brutal honesty?

Would marriages last longer?  Would parents respect their children more?  Would prospective employers be more apt to hire you?  Would your grandmother disown you? (Thanks for the pink Snuggies, gammy!)

We don’t need to be cruel with our response, but we can practice respectful honesty.

I was approached last year by a team who wanted to collaborate on a song I wrote. I agreed, and when they submitted the production to me I shared my thoughts.  I felt they completely missed the essence of the song.  It was a very professional recording with brilliant musicianship . . . but there were aspects of the composition that did not sit nicely with the intention of the song.

The musicians seemed so upset at my remarks that they never continued corresponding. I even shared my encouragement to continue the collaborative journey.  They abandoned the project.

Do you value brutal honesty in your relationships? What would your knee-jerk reaction be and how would you process the answer?

I seek truth most of the time but sometimes the truth hurts me. The closer I draw to the light of truth in my life, the more I realize my lies, pains and spiritual distance. I need to force myself to take personal inventory and remove the negative aspects from my life. Truth removes the negative when you accept the pains of the lie.

Do the right thing and enjoy truth in Life’s Moments ~

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Color Me Portrait

Her joy led me in as her smile captivated my soul.  She was a colorful light and my lens discovered freedom once again.

Run with me again. Sprint to this finish line with zeal upon your heart for life’s race has many colors. Colors that you’ve never realized.

Not because your eyes were closed. Not because your heart was poor. You’re not bound unless you allow yourself to be bound.  So let light and color discover you.

She reached down and traced her finger in the dust before deciding to animate it. Her decision created life.  Motion is a good thing.

So I traced her light with my lens.  A portrait of motion.

Her action was not distracting, it was invigorating because of her smile, because of her heart’s intention.

My intention?  This day?  You.

The color of grace is boundless.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Child Portrait

The child.

Resting humbly, not from exhaustion but from smiling, dreaming and living.

This pause is framed in poetic assurance that the playful past will repeat.  I sing.

I traced her with my lens.  I covered her in darkness, then in folded rest she brought forth light.

Her shadows are not dark; contrarily, her shadows are softened light.  Don’t judge.

A portrait?

Did I take a photo or did I respond to her dream with a reverent click.

She whispered into the face of a dragon.  She drew her sword while standing on the back of a caterpillar.

This child.  This pose.  This resting place of light.

Come to this place without reaching and without action but with intention to be filled again in order to dream bigger.

A prayer or a pose?  You choose.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

She’s Ballanced

I looked at her as she stood there.  Her majesty, her destiny.

Like a poem she moved across the sky, standing still.  As still as words in a child’s book.

I was jealous of her grip.  She was strong and I was weak.  Weak but not frail because I have knowledge.

Her knowledge, her story, her whisper sends chills through my soul.  She doesn’t haunt me . . . she just is . . .

Do you recognize decay?  Do you feel growing pains?  Or do you exist to express your soul?

I turned.

I found her in my sight.  She was not a portrait, she was more.  So, I traced her light with my lens.

I pondered as she wooed me into the very stillness of her thought.  Though I was not fooled!

I am my own.

Am I doing what’s good for my soul?

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Headshot 101

It doesn’t take much effort to listen while working.  And listening doesn’t have to be work.

I saw a duffel bag filled with musician’s tools . . . a little midi keyboard, headphones, a small microphone and a notepad.

They were far from props.  They expressed a connection to his heart and led the path to his dreams.  Use them.

I didn’t ask questions because his movements were the answer.  The synergy expressed itself through ideas birthed through freedom.

“How about we put this next to me.  I’ll put the headphones on.”  Dance, I told him.

The headshot lives and breathes in the eyes.

I’ll capture sound . . . movement . . . career choice.

I trace light with my lens.  I listened to his words while sweating in the hot sun.  The sun was only secondary.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tracing light with my lens

She modeled before; you could tell by the way she moved. She touched her fingertips to her face instead of pressing her hand into it.

I wasn’t upset when she arrived without her second outfit. She just hopped into her old VW Bug and zoomed off back home to quickly fetch it.

The sunlight wasn’t perfect and neither was my finger when it pressed down on the shutter. This was my first “real” client photo session.

She made some confessions to me and I kept mine to myself.

I know a portrait session can be mixed with turning, reaching and smiling but it’s the fragrance in the air that I try to capture.

Can I smell the grass? Can I hear the kids playing on the slide when I look back at this pictures . . . this captured moment?

I want to trace light with my lens.

I’m going to give more than I take.

James Olmos Photography

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